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We are using the Adaptation Workbook to consider climate change adaptation actions for four different preserves in Florida. This landing page is a place to share resources for team members. 

The Workshop will include an introductory session in July, and three working sessions in Nov/Dec. of 2022 (exact dates TBD).

Preparing for the training

We are asking team members to:

  • Attend or review the Introductory Session for the workshop (scheduled for 7/27/2022). View the recording or see slides posted below.
  • By 10/28/2022 or sooner, complete the worksheet for Step 1 (Goals and Objectives) for each preserve. Download the worksheet below.
  • By the first workshop session, take  approximately 1 hour to review climate impact and vulnerability information relevant to your preserve, including relevant ecosystem types or species. Recommended readings will be posted on this page as they become available. 
Co-hosts and collaborators

Please contact Stephen Handler with any questions!